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Panorama “Epic of Pleven – 1877”

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The “Pleven epic – 1877” panorama has the shape of a truncated cone, carried by four bayonets, symbolizing the weapon of the liberators, and the three horizontal rings remind of the three stormings of Pleven. It realistically recreates the city with the many minarets of that time, of which only a few remain today one, as well as the battlefield. In the central hall, a moment of the third storming of the city by Russian troops is reflected, represented by real trenches, as well as the battle at the Kovanlak redoubt.

The help of the local population is also shown.

The panorama is a unique monument in Southeast Europe, which successfully achieves synchronicity between the real event that once happened and its artistic recreation. Battle scenes come to life, and outside is the same landscape – the land that sheltered the bones of the dead in mass graves.

When one visits this original museum, one understands why during the war Pleven acquired such great military, political and strategic importance. In terms of its duration, the number of participating troops and the casualties, the battles at Pleven are the most large-scale events in the War of Liberation, which played a decisive role in its victorious outcome. The until then almost unknown town attracted the attention of the world public.

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