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Park-Museum “Vladislav Varnenchik”

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Park-museum “Vladislav Varnenchik” is a memorial complex located in the center of the battlefield from the middle of the 15th century, in the middle of a unique park of 30 acres. On 10.11.1444, the Polish-Hungarian King Wladyslaw III Jagielo, posthumously called Varnenchik, died in a battle for the liberation of the Balkans and South-Eastern Europe. A symbolic mausoleum was built in his honor in the western part of the city in 1935. The chairman of the construction committee is the great Bulgarian healer, public figure and spiritual teacher, Colonel Petar Dimkov. His personal items, photographs, medals and weapons were donated to the museum by his family and are displayed in the only permanent exhibition in Bulgaria.

In 1964, on the occasion of the 520th anniversary of the Battle of Varna, a museum building was built, in which the first museum exhibition was opened. In the same year, a monument was erected to Janos Hunyadi – commander-in-chief of King Vladislav’s army.
Vladislav Varnenchik Park-Museum is a branch of the National Military History Museum – Sofia.

The museum exhibit contains the country’s only knightly armor from the era. Visitors have the opportunity to see:
fifteenth-century weapons and equipment found on the battlefield;

paintings, sculptures, engravings and other works of art dedicated to the Battle of Varna;

flags, models, maps and coats of arms;

documents, diaries, letters and photographs.

There are two Thracian mounds on the territory of the park. Sultan Murad II’s command post and a Janissary trench from the time of the battle are located in the park. Symbolic sarcophagi of the fallen Christians were built with the medieval coats of arms of the countries participating in the Battle of Varna – Bulgarian, Hungarian, Croatian, Polish, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Wallachian and papal.

The museum park is located on an area of 30 acres. It was created according to the plan of the Czech Anton Novak, who also developed the idea for the Sea Garden. Educational programs for students are held here.

Work time:
Summer schedule:
APRIL – OCTOBER Tuesday – Sunday
9:30am. – 5:30 p.m.

Winter schedule: NOVEMBER – MARCH Tuesday – Saturday 9:30am. – 5:30 p.m.

Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Ticket prices:
Children up to the age of 7 are exempt from paying an entrance ticket For military personnel – free
For schoolchildren, students, pensioners and people with disabilities – BGN 2 indoor,
outdoor exposure and temporary exhibition – 8 BGN.
Group of adults (12 – 20 people), per person – 5 BGN.
Family ticket (two parents and children up to 18 years of age) – 12 BGN.
Free entrance to visit – every last Wednesday from the respective month.

Lecture (general), in Bulgarian / foreign language – BGN 30. Lecture (specialized), in Bulgarian / foreign language – BGN 60. Educational program – BGN 30.

Address: city of Varna, 9027, 55 Yanosh Hunyadi Blvd
phone: 052 74 03 02

Bus No. 22 – get off at the Vladislav Varnenchik Park-Museum stop
Bus No. 118 / Trolleybus No. 82 – get off at the “Mebelna Palata” stop
Bus No. 148 – get off at the traffic police stop
From the “Golden Sands” and “St.St. Konstantin and Elena”: bus No. 209 – get off at the traffic police stop

At the central entrance of the park, in the mausoleum and in the museum building there are provided approaches for the disabled and lift platforms for visitors in wheelchairs.

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