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Monument “Defenders of Stara Zagora 1877” (Samara Flag Monument)

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The “Defenders of Stara Zagora” memorial complex, erected to remind of the battle of July 31, 1877, when the Bulgarian militia, under the unfurled Samara flag, received its baptism of fire is also impressive. In fact, the 50-meter high monument resembles a unfurled flag. At its base is the ossuary of the dead, an eternal fire burns, and the sculptural composition of six militiamen and a Russian officer symbolizes the 6 Bulgarian squads that entered battle for the first time under the command of Russian officers.

The Samara flag is one of the most famous tricolors of the Bulgarian Army. Created by nuns from the city of Samara, it was donated to the militiamen during the Russo-Turkish war. Many standard-bearers perished, but they did not allow it to fall into enemy hands. After the war, it was kept in Radomir, where its last standard-bearer, Nikola Korchev, came from.

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