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History Museum of Etropole

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The historical museum in Etropole was opened on 7. XII. 1958. Today it is housed in the building of the former inn, built in 1853-1870 by Etropolis masters Deno and Tsvetko in a typical Renaissance architectural style.

The exposition of the museum presents the history of the city and the surrounding settlements. Etropolis is an ancient Thracian settlement that arose in the VII-VI centuries BC. In the Middle Ages, the city developed as an important mining and craft center. During the Renaissance, the city, together with the monastery, was an important literary and educational center for the Bulgarian lands. The rich cultural and historical heritage of Etropolis Municipality is presented in 10 exhibition halls: Archaeology, Ethnography, Crafts XVI-XVII c., Crafts XVIII-XIX c., Crafts XIX-cp. 20th century, Educational work, Etropole literary school, National liberation struggles, Prominent Etropoles and Charity. More than 1200 original exhibits, 120 photos and documents are shown.

The museum is included in the “Museums of the World” organization with headquarters in Munich.

Work time:
Working hours:
From Monday to Saturday /incl./: 8.00 – 12.00 and from 13.00 – 17.00; Sunday: 9.00 – 15.00

Entrance fees:
For pupils, students, pensioners – 1.00 BGN.
For adults – 2.00 BGN. For children up to 7 years old,
for people with disabilities – 0.00 BGN.
For students from the municipality of Etropole – 0.00 BGN. Talk – 6.00 BGN

Address: 2180 Etropole, “Ruski” Blvd. No. 105, p.k. 35
tel./fax: 0720/6 21 24


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