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Golyam Perelik Peak (2191 M)

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Golyam Perelik Peak is located in the eponymous high mountain section of the Western Rhodopes. It is the leader of the Rhodopes and with its 2191 m ranks the mountain in the seventh highest place among the Bulgarian mountains. The Perelik partition covers the highest part of the Rhodopes and forms part of the main ridge that separates the basin of the Arda River from the valleys of the Vača River and the Chepelarska River. From its main ridge emerge 4 of the largest watershed ridges in this part of the Rhodopes.

The entire massif around the top is a typical high mountain plateau – wide open and grassy. Its ridge is part of the flatness developed in the Western Rhodopes, located at 1800-2100 m above sea level, above which the flat humps of its highest peaks barely rise: Golyam Perelik (2191 m), Malak Perelik (2147 m), Shirokolashki Snezhnik (2188 m) and others.

Golyam Perelik peak is included in the national movement “Conqueror of the 10 mountain peaks” under number 7, and near the point of the peak passes the marked path – part of the Bulgarian section of the European tourist route E-8.

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