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Dimitar Peshev House-Museum

100 National Tourist Sites

Kyustendil is well known both for the 40 hot mineral springs at the foot of Hisarluk, and for the extremely delicious apples and cherries, which earned it the well-deserved fame of the “fruit garden of Bulgaria”. But in addition to nature, it is also known by the names of remarkable people, of whom we will single out only two.

The first of them is Dimitar Peshev. The house-museum in the center of the city is an exact replica of his birth home and was built with the help of the State of Israel as a token of gratitude for what he did to save thousands of Jews from the Nazi death camps. The expositions in the house trace the life and activities of this worthy person, a deputy in the 24th and 25th National Assembly of Bulgaria.

He is the initiator of the protest letter signed by a total of 43 people’s representatives to Prime Minister Bogdan Filov against the deportation of innocent people. In 1946, however, the so-called “people’s court” convicted him on charges of “fascist activity and anti-Semitism”?! Dimitar Peshev died in poverty, but history corrects this injustice and the good he did is not forgotten. He is a posthumous holder of the “Stara Planina” order and is an honorary citizen of Israel. His work is honored with a tree in the “Forest of the Righteous” in Jerusalem, a bust of him is placed in the building of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, the international foundation “Raoul Wallenberg” minted a medal with his face, and in 2000, the Dimitar Peshev Foundation was established in Sofia”.

Work time:
April-September: Wednesday-Sunday 9.30 am – 12.00 pm / 12.30 pm – 6.00 pm
October-March: Wednesday-Sunday 9.30 am – 12.00 pm / 12.30 pm – 5.00 pm
Holidays: Monday Tuesday

Entrance fees:
Entrance fees for one museum exhibition:
for individual visits:
adults – BGN 5.00
students and pensioners – BGN 3.00
entrance tickets for visitors with children – BGN 3.00

for group visits /over 10 people/:
– adults – BGN 4.00
– students and pensioners – BGN 2.00

Entrance fees for all museum expositions (three and more):
– adults – BGN 12.00
– students and pensioners – BGN 5.00
Free visit day – every last Thursday of the month.

– for one museum exposition in Bulgarian – BGN 10.00
– for one museum exposition in a foreign language – BGN 20.00
– for a one-day route including the museum expositions and cultural monuments in Kyustendil – BGN 60.00
– for a one-day route in the region – BGN 100.00

Educational programs:
– Specialized children’s corner – BGN 3.00
– Museum workshop for children – BGN 4.00 per session

Address: 2500 Kyustendil, 11 Tsar Simeon I Street
Tel: 00359 78/551811

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