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Narodno Chitalishte Beli Brezi

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Narodno Chitalishte Beli Brezi is located at Beli Brezi 2, bl. 2, apt. 41, 1680 Sofia, Bulgaria.

Phone Number:
You can contact the Chitalishte at +359 2 958 1993.

About Narodno Chitalishte Beli Brezi:
Narodno Chitalishte Beli Brezi, established in the Beli Brezi neighborhood of Sofia, is a community cultural center that plays a significant role in promoting cultural, educational, and social activities within the local community. As part of the traditional Bulgarian chitalishte system, it aims to foster community engagement and cultural enrichment through a variety of programs and services.

The center offers a wide range of activities including language courses, music and dance classes, art workshops, and educational programs for children and adults. It also serves as a library, providing access to a diverse collection of books, periodicals, and other reading materials. These resources are designed to support both personal development and academic needs.

Narodno Chitalishte Beli Brezi regularly hosts cultural events such as theater performances, concerts, and exhibitions, contributing to the vibrant cultural life of the neighborhood. The center is an important gathering place for the local community, providing a space for social interaction, learning, and cultural exchange.

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