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Library of Archeological Institute

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The Library of the National Archaeological Institute with Museum (NAIM-BAS) is located at 2 Saborna Str., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria.

Phone Numbers:
You can contact the library at:

+359 2 988 24 06
+359 2 988 24 05
For inquiries, you can email naim@naim.bg.

About the Library:
The Library of the National Archaeological Institute with Museum (NAIM) in Sofia is an essential resource for researchers and scholars interested in the rich archaeological heritage of Bulgaria. Established alongside the National Museum, the library has grown to support the extensive research activities of the Institute, which is the largest archaeological scientific institution in Southeastern Europe.

The library’s collection includes over 30,000 books and periodicals, covering a wide range of topics related to archaeology, history, and cultural heritage. These resources are invaluable for the study of the material and spiritual culture of the tribes and peoples who have inhabited present-day Bulgaria from ancient times until the 18th century.

The NAIM-BAS library supports various academic activities, including doctoral programs, research projects, and educational initiatives such as lectures, workshops, and field student practices. It also plays a crucial role in the conservation and documentation of Bulgaria’s archaeological finds, contributing to both national and international scientific discourse.

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