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City Library – a branch “Lyulin”

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The Lyulin Branch of the Sofia City Library is located at Bl. 331, ul. “Nikola Obretenov” 330, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Phone Number:
You can contact the Lyulin Branch of the City Library at +359 2 929 00 98.

About City Library – Lyulin Branch:
The Lyulin Branch of the Sofia City Library serves as an important cultural and educational resource in one of Sofia’s largest residential districts. As part of the Sofia City Library network, it provides access to a diverse collection of books, periodicals, multimedia materials, and digital resources. This branch is dedicated to meeting the needs of the local community, promoting literacy and lifelong learning.

The Lyulin Branch offers a range of services, including access to a comprehensive catalog of Bulgarian and foreign literature, internet access, and various educational programs. It plays a vital role in supporting the educational needs of students and the informational needs of residents in the Lyulin district.

The library also participates in cultural initiatives and community events, hosting book presentations, reading sessions, and workshops aimed at fostering a love of reading and learning among people of all ages. The modern facilities and friendly staff ensure a welcoming environment for all visitors.

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