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Capital City Library (Stolichna Library)

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Location: Slaveykov Square 4, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone Number: +359 2 980 0560

The Stolichna Library, also known as the Sofia City Library, serves as the principal library for the capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia. Established in 1928, it has grown to become a central hub for cultural and educational activities in the city. The library is strategically located in the heart of Sofia on Slaveykov Square, making it easily accessible to the public.

The library boasts a vast collection of over 1 million items, including books, periodicals, and various digital resources. It is particularly noted for its extensive archives of Bulgarian literature and historical documents, making it an invaluable resource for researchers and historians. The library also offers numerous services such as book lending, reading rooms, and access to digital archives. In recent years, the Stolichna Library has embraced modern technology by offering online catalogues and digital borrowing options, which have made its resources more accessible to the public.

One of the standout features of the Stolichna Library is its dedicated Children’s Center, which houses 71,000 volumes and attracts a large number of young readers annually. The center provides a variety of educational activities, digital workshops, and interactive reading sessions aimed at fostering a love of reading and learning among children. Additionally, the library hosts a variety of cultural events, exhibitions, and educational programs throughout the year, contributing significantly to Sofia’s vibrant cultural scene.

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