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City Library – a branch of the “Student”

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The “Studentski” Branch of the Sofia City Library is located at bl. 5, stol 17, Studentski grad, 1700 Sofia, Bulgaria.

Phone Number:
You can contact the “Studentski” Branch at +359 2 868 00 31.

About the “Studentski” Branch:
The “Studentski” Branch of the Sofia City Library serves as a critical resource for students and residents in the Studentski grad area. This branch is part of the extensive network of the Sofia City Library, which is committed to providing accessible educational and cultural resources to the community.

The “Studentski” Branch offers a wide range of books, periodicals, and multimedia resources, supporting various academic disciplines and personal interests. It is particularly focused on catering to the needs of university students, providing them with essential study materials and a quiet space for learning. The library also offers internet access, reference services, and access to digital resources.

The branch regularly organizes events such as book readings, educational workshops, and cultural activities, fostering a vibrant community atmosphere and encouraging lifelong learning. It plays a vital role in supporting the academic and cultural growth of its patrons.

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