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“Student City” Library (Branch Library of Sofia University)

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The “Student City” Library is a branch of the Sofia University Library, located in the Studentski grad area, Sofia, Bulgaria.

About the Library:
The “Student City” Library is part of the extensive network of branch libraries under Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. The university library system includes 26 branch libraries, each catering to the specific needs of different faculties and departments, offering a vast array of resources and services to support academic research and learning.

The main Sofia University Library, established in 1888, is the largest academic library in Bulgaria and serves as a central hub for its branch libraries, including the one in Student City. The University Library houses over 2.6 million volumes, including scientific literature, rare and valuable editions, periodicals, and electronic media. The Student City branch provides access to these resources, as well as additional specialized materials relevant to the students residing in this area.

The library system offers various services, including access to digital databases, online catalogs, research consultations, and interlibrary loans. Students and faculty members can access a wide range of academic materials both physically and electronically, supporting their educational and research activities.

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