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Post Office 1202

Post Offices

bul. “Slivnitsa” 172, 1202 Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone Numbers:

Main Office: +359 2 831 8777
Customer Service: +359 2 831 8777
About Post Office 1202:

Post Office 1202, located at bul. “Slivnitsa” 172 in Sofia, serves as a vital postal hub in the central part of the city. Positioned on one of Sofia’s major boulevards, this post office is easily accessible to both residents and businesses in the surrounding area. Its strategic location ensures it is well-connected by various modes of public transportation, making it a convenient choice for postal and logistical services.

The range of services offered at Post Office 1202 includes standard mail and parcel delivery within Bulgaria and internationally. For urgent shipments, express mail services are available, ensuring timely delivery of important documents and packages. Customers can also rent PO Boxes for secure and private mail receipt.

In addition to postal services, Post Office 1202 provides various financial services such as bill payments and MoneyGram for money transfers, catering to the diverse needs of the community. The staff at this facility are known for their professionalism and dedication to customer service, always ready to assist with any inquiries and ensure a smooth and efficient experience for all visitors.

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