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Post Office 1750

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Bl. 124, Mladost 1, Boulevard “Tsarigradsko shose” 56, vkh B, 1750 Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone Numbers:
+359 2 875 4018


Post Office 1750, situated in the Mladost 1 district of Sofia, is an essential facility serving the local community’s postal needs. Located on the prominent Boulevard “Tsarigradsko shose”, this post office is easily accessible for both residents and businesses in the area. The Mladost 1 neighborhood is known for its residential and commercial blend, making this post office a convenient spot for a wide range of postal services.

The office provides various services, including mailing, package delivery, and express courier options. It is equipped with the necessary infrastructure to handle both domestic and international postal requirements efficiently. This location is particularly beneficial for the residents of the nearby housing complexes and local businesses, ensuring that their postal needs are met promptly and effectively.

Despite its busy nature, Post Office 1750 is known for maintaining a high level of service. The staff are dedicated to providing quick and efficient service, helping customers with everything from simple mail drop-offs to more complex shipping needs. The office is designed to handle a high volume of customers, with systems in place to manage queues and minimize wait times.

The post office also features modern amenities, ensuring that all transactions are processed smoothly and swiftly. For any specific postal inquiries or detailed service requirements, customers can contact the office directly via the provided phone number.

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