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Bulgarian Posts EAD Sofia Central Post Office

Post Offices

6 General Gurko St., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

Phone Numbers:

Main Office: +359 2 949 3280
Customer Service: *7678
About Sofia Central Post Office:

The Sofia Central Post Office, situated at 6 General Gurko Street in the heart of Sofia, is a cornerstone of Bulgaria’s postal service network. This historic building has been serving the residents and businesses of Sofia for decades, providing a comprehensive range of postal services. As the central hub of the Bulgarian Posts in the capital city, it plays a crucial role in the distribution and delivery of mail and packages, both domestically and internationally.

The Central Post Office is not only a functional space but also a piece of Sofia’s architectural heritage. The imposing structure reflects the rich history of Bulgarian postal services, which have evolved significantly over the years to meet the demands of modern communication. Within its walls, customers can access a variety of services, including standard mail, express delivery, PO Box rentals, and international shipping. The office also offers additional services like phone calling and financial transactions through MoneyGram, making it a versatile facility catering to diverse needs.

Customer service is a priority at the Sofia Central Post Office, with dedicated staff available to assist with inquiries and ensure a smooth postal experience. The office operates on weekdays, and its central location makes it easily accessible to the public. For businesses and individuals alike, the Sofia Central Post Office remains an essential resource, facilitating efficient and reliable communication across Bulgaria and beyond.

For more detailed information and to explore all available services, you can visit the Bulgarian Posts official website or contact their customer service directly.

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