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Post Office 1164

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Ulitsa “Tsanko Tserkovski” 33, 1164 g.k. Lozenets, Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone Number:
+359 2 963 1145


Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Lozenets in Sofia, Post Office 1164 serves as a key hub for postal services in this bustling part of the city. Situated on ulitsa “Tsanko Tserkovski” 33, this post office is well-known for its convenient location and accessibility, making it a popular choice among residents and businesses in the area.

The office is equipped to handle a wide range of postal needs, from standard letter and package mailing to more specialized services such as international shipping and express delivery. The staff at Post Office 1164 are noted for their efficiency and helpfulness, often going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction despite the high volume of patrons they serve daily.

One of the distinguishing features of this post office is its commitment to maintaining quick and reliable service. With a rating of 3.4 stars based on customer reviews, many appreciate the diligent efforts of the employees who strive to manage queues and provide assistance with various postal queries. The office is also equipped with modern postal technology, which streamlines operations and enhances service delivery.

In addition to traditional postal services, Post Office 1164 offers a selection of related products such as packaging materials and stationery, catering to the diverse needs of its clientele. Whether you are sending a simple letter or handling complex logistics, this post office remains a dependable cornerstone in the community.

For those seeking further information or specific services, contacting the office directly at +359 2 963 1145 is recommended to ensure all postal needs are met efficiently.

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