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Mobile and Internet Connectivity in Sofia and Across Bulgaria

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Comprehensive Mobile Network Coverage:

Bulgaria boasts nearly universal coverage of 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, courtesy of three major mobile service operators. These providers ensure reliable connectivity across the country, encompassing the capital city of Sofia and extending to its farthest reaches.

Leading Mobile Service Providers:

  • Vivacom: A prominent player offering a wide range of services including fixed lines, mobile connectivity, and internet services. Interested parties can explore more at their official website: www.vivacom.bg/en/.
  • A1: Known for its comprehensive offerings in fixed, mobile, and internet services, A1 has established itself as a key provider in Bulgaria. Further information can be found on their website: www.a1.bg/en.
  • Yettel: Offers an extensive array of services including fixed lines, mobile communications, and internet, ensuring users stay connected. More details are available at https://www.yettel.bg/.

Sofia’s Free Wi-Fi Hotspots:

Sofia enhances its digital infrastructure with numerous free Wi-Fi hotspots located in key areas, making internet access convenient and accessible for residents and visitors alike. Notable locations include:

  • The pedestrian zone of Vitoshka Boulevard and Slaveikov Square
  • The Sofia subway system
  • The vicinity of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre and the City Art Gallery
  • Parks such as “Zaimov,” “St. Trinity,” “St. George” (adjacent to Pette kiosheta), and “Bukata” (near Madara Bath)

The network of free Wi-Fi access points is on an expansion course, further facilitating connectivity throughout the city.


With three major telecommunications providers ensuring comprehensive mobile network coverage and a growing network of free Wi-Fi hotspots, Sofia, and Bulgaria as a whole, are well-equipped to meet the connectivity needs of their inhabitants and visitors. This infrastructure supports the country’s commitment to digital accessibility and continuous improvement in telecommunications services.

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