Suhodol, situated in the Ovcha Kupel area of the Capital Municipality in Sofia, has evolved from a former village into a distinct district known for its serene surroundings and notable features. Positioned approximately 8 kilometers west of the city center, near Gorna Banya and in proximity to the town of Bankya, Suhodol boasts mineral waters, picturesque landscapes, and easy access to the forests of Lyulin Mountain.

Educational and cultural institutions contribute to the vibrancy of Suhodol. Notable establishments include the 72nd Primary School “Hristo Botev,” 9 CDG “Plamche,” and the church “St. George,” adding educational and cultural richness to the community. The Suhodol Monastery “Holy Trinity” stands about 800 meters north of the neighborhood, providing a place for spiritual reflection. Additionally, the district hosts the inpatient facility of the State Psychiatric Hospital, specializing in the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism, contributing to the overall healthcare infrastructure.

The vicinity of Suhodol is further adorned with natural attractions. The Suhodol Dam, located just one kilometer to the north, and the Paticharnika Dam, also known as Suhodol 2, less than 2 kilometers to the west, offer recreational spaces for residents to enjoy.

Transportation within Suhodol is facilitated by bus services, with buses No. 56 and 111 providing essential connections to the broader Sofia area. This ensures that residents have convenient access to various parts of the city.

In terms of historical significance, Suhodol has ties to Jote Ilkov, a renowned folk singer and drummer who lived in the years around the Liberation. The neighborhood commemorates this cultural figure with a street named after him, reflecting a connection to the rich cultural heritage of the region.

In summary, Suhodol emerges as a district with a blend of natural beauty, educational institutions, cultural landmarks, and historical ties, making it a unique and multifaceted part of Sofia’s landscape.

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