The “Ilinden” residential complex in Sofia is part of the Ilinden district. It shares borders with the “Sveta Troitsa” housing complex to the north, the “Zona B-18” housing complex to the east, the “Razsadnika-Konyovitsa” housing complex to the south, and the “Zapaden Park” housing complex to the west. The neighborhood features a mix of monolithic and large-panel construction, including buildings from the Bs-VIII-Sf and Bs-69-Sf series.

Notable objects in the “Ilinden” residential area include:

– SBAL on Cardiovascular Diseases
– Regional Center for Social Care
– 6th DCC (Day-care center)
– 51 ODZ “Sturche” (Kindergarten)
– Union of the Blind in Bulgaria
– 113 Sava Filaretov Secondary School
– 1 Aided School
– DOVDLRG “P.R. Slaveykov”

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