“Drumo,” nestled in the Lyulin district of Sofia, Bulgaria, stands as a unique locality and a compact neighborhood positioned to the west of the city center. This small community, situated on the southern edge of the Krasna Polyana district as well, occupies a narrow strip of land, flanked by the West Park to the east and south, while bordered by the neighborhoods of “Smerdana” to the southwest and “Lyulin” to the north, following the course of the Suhodol river.

The current landscape of “Drumo,” as of 2023, is characterized by a combination of wasteland and scattered industrial and residential structures. This dynamic blend of land use reflects the evolving nature of the neighborhood and its potential for future development. The proximity to the West Park provides residents with a natural retreat, while its strategic location in the city contributes to its accessibility and connectivity to other parts of Sofia.

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