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Belite Brezi (The White birches)


Belite Brezi is a neighborhood situated in the southwestern part of Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. The area is characterized by a well-developed road infrastructure, featuring buses, trolleybuses, trams, and metro connections that provide convenient access to the city center and other parts of Sofia.

– Shape: The quarter has a triangular shape.
– Boundaries: It is located between two major boulevards, namely “Bulgaria” and “Gotse Delchev,” along with “Kyustendil” street, which runs along part of the Boyanska river.
– Proximity: Belite Brezi is close to South Park.

– Inhabitants: The neighborhood was historically populated by immigrants from Aegean Macedonia and White Sea Thrace.
– Street Names: Some of the street names in the area reflect its historical background, such as “Bitolya,” “Nishava,” “Thessalonica,” “Vorino,” “Lerin,” and “Doiran.”

– Housing Types: The architecture of Belite Brezi is a mix of old and new constructions.
– Old Structures: Old structures include single-family houses and EPK (large-panel concrete) blocks built in the 1980s, primarily located in the southern part of the neighborhood.
– Heating: The southern part of the neighborhood, where the older constructions are concentrated, is fully heated.
– Recent Construction: Post-1990 saw the initiation of newer construction projects in the area.

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