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Slaveykov Square


“Petko R. Slaveykov” square stands at the heart of Sofia, nestled between the bustling streets of “Georgi S. Rakovski” and “Graf Ignatiev.” In 1879, the esteemed Bulgarian poet Petko R. Slaveikov relocated with his family to Sofia, acquiring a residence situated at one of the corners of this square. Over time, the square gained its popular moniker, the Book Market, owing to the numerous book stalls that dot its vicinity. Alongside these literary havens, the square boasts an array of shops and restaurants, creating a vibrant hub of commercial and cultural activity.

In 1998, the square underwent a transformation, witnessing alterations that led to the installation of fewer but modernized stalls. Among the notable additions were a captivating fountain and a statue crafted by the Bulgarian sculptor Georgi Chapkanov. This sculpture commemorates the legacy of the father-son duo, Petko and Pencho Slaveykovi, immortalizing their contributions to Bulgarian literature and culture.

Adding to its cultural significance, the Sofia City Library finds its residence within the vicinity of this bustling square, further enriching the area as a hub for literary pursuits and cultural exploration, honoring the legacy of the esteemed poet and fostering a vibrant ambiance for locals and visitors alike.

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