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Patriarch Euthymius Square


“Patriarch Evtimiy,” also referred to as “Popa,” stands as a bustling and widely recognized intersection within the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria. This square derives its name from the central statue honoring Patriarch Euthymius, crafted by sculptor Marko Markov and unveiled in 1939. Patriarch Euthymius, a significant figure in medieval Bulgarian history, served as the patriarch of Tarnovo from 1275 to 1393, leaving an enduring legacy in the country’s heritage.

This square has evolved into a popular and convenient rendezvous spot for locals and visitors alike. Positioned within this area, the “Odeon” film library occupies the western portion, while the headquarters of “Bulgartabac” resides in the southern segment.

Distinguished by the convergence of three major roads, the square marks the intersection of Asil Levski Boulevard, Graf Ignatiev Street, and Patriarch Evtimii Boulevard, solidifying its status as a significant crossroads in Sofia’s urban landscape. This bustling hub not only serves as a pivotal traffic junction but also stands as a symbolically important meeting place in the city’s bustling core.

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