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Monument to Vasil Sotirov Demirevski (Zhelyu)


The monument, consisting of two sizable moraines stacked atop each other, along with a third stone block featuring a relief of the hero (since dismantled in 1993), stands prominently on the verdant lawn of “St. Troitsa” park. Positioned to face Blvd. “Konstantin Velichkov,” the monument bears a carved inscription, a silent homage to the past.

Vasil Sotirov Demirevski, known as Zhelyu, remains an integral figure in the history of the Bulgarian Communist Resistance Movement during World War II. He served as an activist within the BRP (k), demonstrating unwavering dedication to the cause. Demirevski notably commanded the Dupnish partisan unit named “Kosta Petrov” and actively engaged in the resistance effort against German forces during the war. His courageous efforts and leadership within the partisan movement echo through the annals of history.

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