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“Wheels of Time” light panel

Art & Culture

The captivating illuminated panel “The Wheels of Time” stands proudly within the second-floor lobby of the Central Railway Station in Sofia. Spanning an impressive 2400 by 620 centimeters, this artistic creation, crafted by the skilled hands of Prof. Dr. Boyan Dobrev, holds a place of honor within the station’s confines. Dr. Dobrev, an esteemed professor of composition in the Mural Department of the National Academy of Arts, poured his creative essence into this masterpiece.

At first glance, “Wheels of Time” presents itself as a rhythmic portrayal reminiscent of powerful metal wheels in motion. However, upon closer inspection, the viewer is enveloped in a mesmerizing collage of intricacies. The image appears to “disintegrate” into a myriad of details, each meticulously composed from an array of elements – old photographs, negatives, and metallic plates. The amalgamation of these diverse components weaves a rich tapestry that invites travelers and visitors alike to delve deeper into its layered narrative, bridging the past and present through a visual journey.

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