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Small puppet theater “Elephant”

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The Small Elephant Puppet Theater stands tall as the country’s inaugural private puppet theater, initiated in a modest vein but eventually expanded its name by adding “Elephant.” This moniker came to mirror the troupe’s notable achievements and recognition. Founded in 1988 by the talented actors Roza Nikolova and Miroslav Tsvetanov, the theater was later joined by the artist Dilyana Nikolova. More recently, graduates from their very own school, who have since completed their studies at NATFIZ, have also become part of this artistic family.

Throughout its existence, this company hasn’t had a single production that didn’t captivate audiences. Emblematic shows like “Winnie the Pooh” (25 years), “Puss in Boots” (24 years), and “The Tale of the Puppy and the Kitten” (21 years) have amassed performances numbering in the thousands. Beyond national borders, this theater has showcased its artistry, participating in numerous international festivals and forums across continents. Their accolades for staging, acting, scenography, and manipulation exceed 30 awards, reflecting the exceptional caliber of their performances. Their collaborations extend far and wide, partnering with theaters in Belgium, Austria, Russia, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, and beyond.

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