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Graffiti “Hungry for sport”: V. Yordanov and E. Radanova

Art & Culture

The huge graffiti of sports legends Evgenia Radanova and Valentin Yordanov were discovered at the intersection of the Ring Road and “Simeonovsko Shose” in 2015. The athlete with the most medals from the Olympic Games and the Olympic and seven-time world champion in wrestling are depicted against the background of the Bulgarian tricolor . They were carried out according to the idea of the organization “Hungry for Sport” and are the second part of a project with great Bulgarian athletes. The first such graffiti were by Stefka Kostadinova and Yordan Yovchev at the NDK. The project is co-financed by the Sofia Municipality and is implemented in support of the selection of Sofia as the European Capital of Sports in 2018.

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