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“Stanislav Dospevski” House-Museum

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The house-museum “Stanislav Dospevski”, built in 1864 by Bratsig craftsmen in the “Varosha” district, is two-storey, with bay windows and 6 rooms with a lounge. It has rich mural decoration. It has been declared a cultural monument. Stanislav Dospevski is actually the pseudonym of Zafir Zograf – son of Dimitar Zograf and nephew of Zahari Zograf, one of the most significant Renaissance artists and one of the first with an academic art education. Progenitor of secular realistic portraiture.

The museum exhibition includes the restored domestic environment, which exudes true artistry, with authentic objects and furniture, as well as original artworks of the artist. The most valuable are the family portraits, as well as the indisputable masterpiece “Domnika – the Bulgarian Mona Lisa”.

Work time:
Monday to Friday: 9.00 – 12.00; 13.00 – 17.00 h.
weekends: Saturday and Sunday.

Entrance fees:
adults – BGN 2.
Pupils, students, pensioners – BGN 1.

overview talk in Bulgarian – BGN 5
overview talk in a foreign language – BGN 10

Address: Pazardzhik, “Kn. Maria Luisa” No. 54

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