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Permanent icon exhibition – Bansko

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The permanent icon exhibition is arranged in the oldest and preserved building in Bansko – 1749. It was declared a cultural monument. The house performed the functions of a women’s metoch to the Hilendar Monastery, and later to the Rila Monastery.

In six exhibition halls, the development of the Ban icon-painting school of wall paintings is traced, including from the Rila Monastery. The exhibition has ready-made talks in English, German, French and Russian and voiceover with church chants.

The iconic exhibition, successfully housed in the building of the restored Metoch, gives a magnificent insight into the legacy left by the colorful gifted artists from Bansko in the 18th and 19th centuries, which ranks them among the highest achievements of the Bulgarian creative genius. Although they cooperate with other cultural centers in the country / Samokov, Debar and Tryavna /, they preserve the original stylistic features of their art.

The founder of the Ban Art School is Toma Vishanov, who returned with self-confidence after his stay in several European countries. And influenced by his attraction and interest in the fleeting and elusive in human images, he boldly experimented. The best proof of this is the extremely valuable icon “Blessing Christ”, where the Savior is depicted as a Spanish nobleman. His work was continued by his son Dimitar and his grandson Simeon Molerovi.

Work time:
Monday – Friday:
9.00 – 12.00 and 13.00 – 17.30
Days off: Saturday and Sunday

Entrance fees:
Adults: BGN 3.00
Students: BGN 1.00

in Bulgarian – BGN 5.00,
in English – BGN 10.00

Address: city of Bansko, “Yane Sandanski” street No. 3
Tel: (+359) 749 88273

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