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Naval Museum, Varna

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The history of the museum began in 1883, when officers from the Danube Flotilla in Ruse began collecting antiquities. From its establishment until 1955, it was called the “Maritime Museum”, and its first public exhibition was opened in 1923. In the current building has been housed since 1955, when it came under the Ministry of Defense and was named the Naval Museum.

Almost 1,000 exhibits are included in the museum’s exposition, which is only one percent of the wealth in its funds. It chronologically traces the shipping along the coasts of our lands from ancient times. The stone anchors are evidence of shipping along the western Black Sea coast from the time of the Argonauts’ campaign and the Trojan Wars.

A reconstruction of the cargo compartment of an ancient ship loaded with amphorae adds to our ideas about the distant times of rowing. A reconstruction of the gun deck of a warship from the 18th century offers, through pictures, photo panels and sound effects of a naval battle, to perceive the ship more fully as a means of warfare. But the original objects are irreplaceable in impact with their authenticity—finds from the seabed, the barrel of a ship’s cannon, ore from a sailing ship, ship’s equipment, weapons. In the museum, you can also “dive” below sea level through the reconstruction of the seabed.

Exhibits that are not found in any other Bulgarian museum are the nose figures. They personify the dignity of the ship and bring good luck to its crew. The museum also preserves part of the equipment of the first ship that Bulgaria bought after the Liberation – yacht “Alexander I”.
Bulgarian maritime and naval history can also be traced through ship models. In the open exposition of the Naval Museum, you can see collections of sea mines, anchors, ship and coastal guns, two helicopters, the yacht “Kor Karoli” and the torpedo boat 123 K. The most attractive exhibit of the Naval Museum is the museum ship “Druzki” . Built at the beginning of the 20th century, today it is the world’s only preserved torpedo boat of this class.

Work time:
Winter working hours (from November 1 to March 30)
from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Holidays: Sunday and Monday

Summer working hours (from April 1 to October 30)
from 10.00 to 18.00. Holidays: Monday

from 08.30 to 17.00 hours. Days off: Saturday and Sunday

Ticket prices:
Children up to 7 years of age are exempt from paying an entrance ticket.
For pupils, students and pensioners and people with disabilities – BGN 2.
For military personnel – free of charge. Family ticket – BGN 12.
Temporary exhibition – BGN 3.
External exposure – BGN 3.
Visit to internal, external exposition and temporary exhibition – BGN 8.
Visit to the “Drazki” museum ship – BGN 6 (Children up to 7 years old – accompanied by an adult)
Group of adults (12-20 people), per person – BGN 6.
Free admission to visit – every last Wednesday of the month.

Conversation (general), in Bulgarian / foreign language – BGN 30.
Talk (specialized), in Bulgarian / foreign language – BGN 60.
Educational program – BGN 30.

Address: city of Varna 9000, “Primorski” Blvd., No. 2
Phone and fax: 052/ 731 523

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