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National Museum “Land and People”, Sofia

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One of the great mineralogical museums in the world. It presents the mineral kingdom of the Earth in its various aspects. On an area of 4,000 square meters, there are exhibition halls, stock rooms, a video hall, a hall for conferences and screenings, and a geological office. It has over 20,000 exhibits organized in several expositions. In the exhibition “Giant Crystals” you can see crystals commensurate with human height.

Giant crystals are extremely rare in nature, and galleries with entire collections of them are found in only a few places in the world. The other exhibitions are “Precious Stones”, ” Minerals of the Earth”, “Minerals of Bulgaria”, “Mineral Resources of the Earth”, “Mineral Resources of Bulgaria”. There is also an exposition dedicated to industrial minerals and raw material deposits in Bulgaria.

The museum has a mineralogy club, a geological office and a geological corner for children and adults. The National Museum “Land and People” is a famous cultural center. Many seminars, sessions, symposia, meetings of charitable and nature-loving organizations, scientists and specialists, etc. are held there . It has a library, a video library, a scientific archive, a photo studio and 6 specialized geological laboratories.

It also houses a jewelry and collectibles store. This is one of the most visited museums in Sofia. Periodically, numerous exhibitions of flowers, birds, cats, bazaars of jewelry from natural materials are organized… The museum was founded in 1986. The funds for the construction and collection of the exhibits are entirely from donations. It is located at Cherni Vrah Blvd. №4, near the NDK.

Work time:
Every day from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (non-stop and no day off) except public holidays Christmas, New Year and Easter.
Working hours of the museum administration: from Monday to Friday – from 08.30 to 17.00.

Entrance fees:
Individual visitors – BGN 10.00
Pupils, students and pensioners – BGN 3.00 Educational corner for children and adults – BGN 1.00

General talk in Bulgarian for a group of up to 20 people – BGN 20.00
General talk Bulgarian language with translation by an external guide – BGN 25.00.
General talk in a foreign language (English and Russian) – BGN 35.00.
Specialized talk in Bulgarian for a group of up to 10 people – BGN 30.00.

Address: 4 Cherni Vrah Blvd., Sofia 1421
phone: 02 865 6639, 02 866 1457
fax: 02 866 1455, 02 866 1457

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