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Monument of the Holy Mother of God

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The world’s tallest statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the Child was erected with respect, love and appreciation for the Mother of God. The monument was opened in 2003 with a blessing by Metropolitan Arsenius. In 2005, it was included in the Guinness Book of World Records, and since 2009 it has also been included in the list of the Hundred National Tourist Sites of Bulgaria. Authors of the statue are Petyo Alexandrov, Nikola Stoyanov and a team. It is made of polymer concrete and weighs 120 tons. The total height of the monument is 32.8 m, and its attractive appearance is complemented by the Nativity of the Virgin chapel built inside its base. From Yamacha Hill, on which the statue rises, a captivating panorama of the entire city is revealed.

The idea for the construction of the Holy Mother of God Monument came from the mayor of Haskovo, Georgi Ivanov, and it was implemented entirely with donations from the Haskovo public. The symbol was not chosen by chance – the Mother of God has always been considered the patroness of the city. In its thousand-year history, the Nativity of the Virgin Mary has been celebrated as one of the biggest holidays, and with the decision of the Municipal Council, September 8 has become the Day of Haskovo.

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