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Locality “Rupite” – Temple “Sveta Petka Bulgarska” Memorial

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The area of Rupite, Petrichko has long gained wide fame as the place where the most popular Bulgarian prophetess Vangelia Guscherova, known by the people as “Aunt Vanga”, recharged her batteries and received visitors.

In 1992, the prophetess built the church “St. Petka Bulgarska”, which immediately became a place of worship for thousands of needy people. The icons of the iconostasis were painted by the famous artist Prof. Svetlin Rusev, and the images of the saints are too realistic and are not approved by St. Synod. Most of the common people, however, like them, as evidenced by the endless stream of visitors. Aunt Vanga’s house can also be seen nearby. The whole area has been refined and is a wonderful corner on the right bank of the Struma river, which has real prerequisites to grow into a monastery in the future.

Directly next to the complex is a spring of warm mineral water with a temperature of 78 0C and a flow rate of 35 l/sec. Part of the water was captured and taken to the town of Petrich through a pipeline. The remaining part forms gyols, in which people seeking relief from various diseases can be seen.

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