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Locality Petrova Niva

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One of the most sacred places in Strandzha is the Petrova Niva area, 20 kilometers from Malko Tarnovo. On Preobrazhenie /11-13/ June 1903, it was there that 47 delegates to the congress of the Internal Revolutionary Organization of the Bulgarians from Thrace made the historic decision to support the Ilinden Uprising that broke out earlier in Macedonia. For 26 days, the poorly armed patriots battled a 40,000-strong regular Turkish army and Bashibozush hordes. The uprising was suppressed with unheard of cruelty, thousands of old men, women and children were killed, more than 60 villages were burned. The survivors leave their homeland and seek salvation in a free Bulgaria.

In order to perpetuate the memory of the self-sacrifice of the insurgents and their quest for national liberation, on August 16, 1958, a monument was opened on Petrova Niva, and in 2003, the church “Sveta Petka” was built. A museum exhibition recalls the heroic events through rich photographic material, documents and exhibits, and every year a National Commemorative Assembly is held there.

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