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Kukrinsko Hanche

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We all know that Levski was captured in the Kakri Inn, brought back to Lovech, then taken to Tarnovo, tried and hanged in Sofia. As a traitor to the Apostle, the priest-incumbent Krastyu Totev Nikiforov was accused – according to the hunting writer Marin Kolev, “an extremely honest and capable person, whom history rehabilitated a long time ago, but this is known to few”. After the Liberation, Pope Krastyu fell into disgrace, asked to be tried himself to clear his name from the vile suspicion, and to be shot and deposed if proven guilty.

But he did not succeed and died on September 21, 1883. After the capture of Levski, the inn was abandoned, at the end of the 19th century it was destroyed by fire and only the foundations remain. On June 5, 1924, on the initiative of Doctor Nikola Syarov, a civil committee was founded to restore it. A fence has been erected in the yard, similar to the one that Levski tried to jump over that fateful morning. Next to the old elm is his modest monument.

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