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Holy Trinity Church, Bansko

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The temple complex “Holy Trinity” is one of the biggest historical and cultural attractions of the city of Bansko. The church, which as an architectural type is a three-nave pseudo-basilica and is one of the largest in the country, was built in
1835 by local builders – Grigor Doyuv, Lazar Glushkov on the initiative and with the material support of the influential merchant Lazar German (Golev). The iconostasis and the drawings on the columns and the vault in it are the work of Velyan Ognev – a representative of the Debar art school , and the icons were painted by the famous masters of the Ban icon painting school, Dimitar and Simeon Molerovi. The church is an example of a magnificent synthesis between architectural volumes and spaces, wood carving, fresco painting and icons. Its majestic silhouette perfectly harmonizes with the thirty-meter clock tower-bell tower built in the immediate vicinity.
The church is 44 m long, 22 m wide and 9.5 m high.

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Address: City of Bansko, “Vazrazhdane” square
Tel: +359 749 8 83 44

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