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Geographical Center of Bulgaria, “Uzana” area

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In 1991, the editor of “Pogled” magazine – Evgeni Stanchev launched the idea of finding the geographical center of Bulgaria. Scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, led by Prof. Dr. Mladen Mladenovski, responded and took up the work. The calculations were made according to six mathematical methods, since the territory of our country is not a regular geometric figure, to cross the diagonals and find their point of intersection.

It turns out that the geographical heart of our country is located at 42*45`58″ north latitude and 25*14`18″ east longitude – and this is exactly the area of Uzana, 25 km southwest of the town of Gabrovo. Calculations are made with an accuracy of 10 meters. A sign in the shape of a stylized pyramid with a plumb line, colored in the colors of the national flag, has been placed at the site. The sign is the work of Gabrovo sculptor Petar Hadjiganev. In December 1991, it was officially opened by the then president of the republic, Dr. Zhelyu Zhelev.

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