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Dryanovsky Monastery

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As is known, during the April Uprising in 1876, in the Dryanovsky Monastery “St. Archangel Michael” hides rebels such as Father Matei Preobrazhenski – Mitkaloto, Georgi Izmirliev – Makedoncheto, etc. The monastery was turned by Pope Chariton’s squad into a fortress, which fought ten days of battles with the Turkish army, which was many times superior to it.

During the pogrom of the uprising, as the abbot Pachomius claimed at the time, “four carloads of church books, with all their equipment, and one carload of manuscripts” burned in the flames – the entire rich monastery library.

Today, these tragic and majestic events are remembered by the ossuary monument, the work of the designer Giovanni Mosutti and the sculptor Luca Argini, consecrated on May 4, 1897.

In the area of the Dryanovska Monastery, near the picturesque canyons of the rivers Andka and Dryanovska, is the first cave in Bulgaria that was improved in 1937 by local tourists, which three years later was named “Bacho Kiro” in honor of the hero of the April Uprising.

The modern and spectacular lighting enables numerous tourists to enjoy its formations with romantic names: “Rain Hall”, “Stone Flower”, “Poplars” and “Happiness Lake”, “Jellyfish”, “Bear Slide”, “Bear Meadow” “, “The Lonely Stalacton”, “The Hall of Pop Chariton” and others.
When you find yourself in this region, don’t miss the picturesque Dryanovo eco-trail. And in Dryanovo itself, visit the museum of one of the most talented Bulgarian builders, Nikola Ivanov Fichev /Kolio Ficheto/.

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