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Cathedral Church “St. Mother of God”

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The Cathedral Church “St. Bogoroditsa” in the town of Pazardzhik is the largest revival church in Bulgaria. It was built in 1836/1837 and is a spacious three-nave pseudo-basilica with two outer galleries built on beautiful arcades. The church is an architectural and artistic cultural monument of national importance. It represents an exceptional cultural and historical value with its architecture and a magnificent wood-carved iconostasis – the work of master-carvers from the Debar school.

The multi-layered openwork carving is a unique combination of geometric, plant and animal ornaments, in which figural compositions depicting biblical scenes are interwoven. The iconostasis impresses with its stylistic perfection, grace and complexity of the composition, richness of light and shadow, purity of form and certainty of execution.

Work time:
Every day from 08.00 to 17.00

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Episcopal vicarage
Address: Pazardzhik, 50 “Bulgaria” Blvd

Tel: +359 34 444 277

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