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Buynovo River Gorge

100 National Tourist Sites

The gorge is located on both sides of the Buinovska Reka, a tributary of the Vacha River. Soon after the fork near the village of Teshel, the rocks narrow above the Buinovska river, forming a majestic gorge.

It has been declared a natural landmark in 1971 The Buinovsko gorge is nine and a half kilometers long and stretches from Teshel to above the Jagodinska cave. It is a product of the Buinovska River, which created beautiful formations – 4 arches, among which are the famous “Wolf’s Leap” and “Devil’s Bridge”, as well as 34 caves, numerous niches and rock crowns.

At its bottom, people have painstakingly built a road that winds to the right and to the left of the river, as if to give everyone who found themselves in this rocky kingdom the opportunity to admire its amazing beauty.

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