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Archaeological Museum, Hisarya

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The museum has an archaeological department (with two halls, a lapidary and a courtyard) and a permanent ethnographic exhibition. The exhibits reflect the material and spiritual culture in the region of Hisarya from the V-IV millennium BC. to the late Middle Ages-XIV century. Of greatest interest from the prehistoric period are the archaeological finds discovered during excavations of the Neolithic settlements in Hisarya and the village of Chernichevo – clay vessels, clay idols, stone axes, flint knives, war balls. Among the specimens of Thracian culture, which received considerable attention, can be seen fragments of vessels of imported Greek pottery and the coins minted on the island of Thassos, in the cities of Cyzicus, Enos and Neapolis, which prove the trade contacts of the Thracian tribes with the ancient Greek cities -colonies along the Aegean coast.

The greatest place in the exposition is occupied by the objects reflecting the Roman culture in the region and more specifically the heyday of the Roman city of Diocletianos, located near the Hissar mineral springs and an important resort and healing village in IV-VI.
The archaeological museum has a permanent ethnographic exhibition, reflecting the life, customs and livelihood of the population in the region of Hisarya from the Renaissance to the present day. The museum offers specialized guided talks in Bulgarian, English and Russian. A guided tour to the most attractive exposed cultural monuments in the Hisarya Archaeological Reserve is also available.


They are located in the Lily of the Valley park next to the water pavilion. Visit this remarkable site! Enter the Roman thermal baths and touch the mineral water in the pools, which still circulates to this day through the original Roman waterworks and sewers.
Information on opening hours and entrance fees can be obtained from the archaeological museum or by calling 0337 62796

The tomb consists of a staircase corridor and a burial chamber located 7 m underground. It is exhibited in the original and has a very well preserved beautiful Roman mosaic on the floor.

Work time:
Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 16:30.
Holidays: Saturday and Sunday

Entrance fees:
Adults BGN 5.00
Pensioners BGN 3.00
Students BGN 3.00
Family ticket BGN 10.00 (two adults and two children under 16)

Address: city of Hisarya, St. Al. Stamboliyski No. 8
Phone: 0337/ 620 68, 0887/ 51 86 98

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