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BAN IV kilometer


“BAN IV kilometer” stands as a distinctive neighborhood within the vibrant city of Sofia, Bulgaria, situated in the “Slatina” district, approximately 4.5 kilometers southeast of the city center.

Nestled between the prominent boulevards of “Tsarigradsko shosse” and “Shipchenski prohod,” along with the streets “Georgi Bonchev” and “Hristo Chernopeev,” this locale is a bustling hub characterized by its unique blend of residential and institutional spaces. The neighborhood primarily features an array of structures and facilities affiliated with the prestigious Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, adding an intellectual and cultural dimension to its identity.

Adjacent to the “Geo Milev” district on three sides, “BAN IV kilometer” enjoys a strategic location that enhances its connectivity and communal dynamics. To the southwest, it shares borders with the “Iztok” district, contributing to the diverse tapestry of Sofia’s urban landscape.

As a hub of academic and residential activity, “BAN IV kilometer” not only reflects the city’s architectural diversity but also serves as a testament to Sofia’s continuous growth and development. The intertwining streets and boulevards create a dynamic environment, fostering a unique blend of intellectual pursuits and community life.

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