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Teacher Petar Dunov’s garden

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In the “Iztok” district of the capital, facing the Russian Embassy, lies the resting place of Petar Danov, affectionately referred to by his followers as “the Teacher.” This serene and well-kept garden, adorned with pigeons, flowers, and lush greenery, serves as the final resting place for the revered spiritual leader. The entrance to this tranquil space is always open to visitors.

The grave of the Teacher takes the form of an ellipse, with a tombstone intricately adorned with a pentagram—the symbol of the White Brotherhood. Within this emblematic shape, the five Christian virtues—Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice, and Virtue—are inscribed. Encircling the pentagram is a circle, symbolizing the divine, bearing the inscription: “In fulfillment, the will of God is the power of the human soul.” According to Danov’s teachings, this symbol represents the journey towards the perfection of the soul, a path earnestly pursued by his followers.

March 22 holds special significance for members of the White Brotherhood, as they gather at the grave of Petar Danov to witness the sunrise, marking an annual tradition that fosters spiritual reflection and communal connection. The garden surrounding the Teacher’s final resting place serves not only as a physical tribute but also as a symbolic space for the continued pursuit of spiritual growth and enlightenment by those who cherish his teachings.

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