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Rosary – Boris garden

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The Rosarium in Borisova Gradina was designed and cultivated by horticulturist Josef Frei, who served as the park’s overseer from 1906 to 1934.

Following recent restoration efforts, the Rosarium now spans a 3-decare area, featuring around 7,000 planted specimens, with approximately 2,000 of them being roses. The restoration includes revamped walkways, improved lighting, rejuvenated green spaces, and refurbished benches. Future plans for the Rosarium envision visitors strolling beneath enchanting rose arches, with lampposts discreetly adorned in climbing roses.

The Rosarium boasts a diverse collection of over 50 unique rose selections, showcasing various colors and types, totaling around 2,000 roses. The park is adorned with lanterns, benches, arches, meandering alleys, and a distinctive fountain, collectively restoring the site’s splendor as one of Borisova Gradina’s emblematic locations.

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