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Park and Military Academy “G.S. Rakovski”

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Established by a law enacted on March 1, 1912, by the XV National Assembly, the “G.S. Rakovski” Military Academy proudly holds the distinction of being the oldest higher military school in Bulgaria. Despite the Balkan War-induced delay, the Academy officially commenced its educational mission on January 4, 1915. The institution’s roots run deep, contributing significantly to the country’s military education and heritage.

The Academy’s main building, a testament to architectural grandeur, was erected between 1888 and 1894 based on a project conceived by the Czech architect Antonin Kolar. This three-story structure, designed in the neo-Romanesque style, stands as an impressive edifice. The facade, reminiscent of an ancient fortress, features arched windows and characteristic vaults, embodying the unique elements of the style. The roof cornices are adorned with military ornaments resembling battle towers, adding a distinctive touch to the architectural ensemble. Notably, on the east wall, beneath a prominent clock, the borders of Bulgaria are intricately depicted on a marble slab.

The surrounding park, a creation of architect Friedrich Grünanger, enhances the Academy’s aesthetic appeal. Grünanger, known for his architectural contributions to Sofia, including the Theological Academy, the Synagogue, the Turkish Embassy buildings, Jablanski’s house, and more, crafted a green oasis for relaxation and contemplation. Since 2010, the park has been open to visitors, offering a serene environment. During the summer months, it transforms into a lively venue hosting various outdoor events and concerts, further enriching the cultural experience for both academy members and the broader community. The “G.S. Rakovski” Military Academy stands not only as an institution of military education but also as a guardian of Bulgaria’s historical and architectural legacy.

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