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Cheshma Pasha well


Pasha bunar (Bolyarski well) is a spring with a fountain situated along the Dragalev river, approximately 600-700 meters south above the Dragalev monastery. Historically, it served as a favored resting spot for tourists hiking up to h. “Aleko”. The water from this spring maintains a cool temperature of 5.5oC. Despite local protests in 1906, it was tapped for water supply to the Military School and the Seminary in Sofia. Today, its catchment is part of the Sofia water supply system. The paths to the Bai Krastyo area, the Aleko and Cherni vrah huts, the Kikish shelter, and the Dragalevsky monastery all pass through “Bolyarski Kladenets.” A shelter with stone walls, a roof, as well as several wooden tables and benches has been constructed next to the fountain, making it an ideal spot for outings and rest.

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