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Metropolitan Library

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The Metropolitan Library stands as a pivotal cultural and educational institution within Sofia, serving the city’s residents with a wide array of resources and programs. Its central building, situated at 4 “Petko R. Slaveikov” square, acts as the heart of the library’s operations, providing a comprehensive collection of literature, reference materials, and digital resources to support learning, research, and personal growth.

With several branches distributed across the capital, the Metropolitan Library ensures that access to knowledge and culture is readily available to all segments of Sofia’s population. These branches cater to the diverse needs of the community, offering specialized sections for children and adults, spaces for study and collaboration, as well as hosting a variety of cultural events, workshops, and exhibitions that enrich the city’s cultural landscape.

As a hub of knowledge and culture, the Metropolitan Library plays a crucial role in fostering literacy, encouraging lifelong learning, and supporting the intellectual and creative pursuits of Sofia’s citizens. Its presence enhances the quality of life in the metropolitan area, making it an invaluable asset to the city and its inhabitants.

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