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Post Office 1415

Post Offices

ul. “Paprat” 26, 1415 Dragalevtsi, Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone Number:
+359 2 967 1016


Post Office 1415, located in the Dragalevtsi neighborhood of Sofia, serves as an essential postal service point for both residents and local businesses. Positioned on ulitsa “Paprat”, this facility is conveniently accessible and offers a comprehensive range of services including standard mail delivery, package shipping, and express courier services through EMS BulPost.

The post office is equipped with modern postal technologies to ensure efficient handling of both domestic and international consignments. The staff at Post Office 1415 are known for their professionalism and dedication to providing excellent customer service, assisting with various postal inquiries, and ensuring smooth operations.

Operating hours typically cover the weekdays, accommodating the needs of customers with flexible timings. However, specific working hours were not detailed in the sources, so it’s advisable to contact the office directly for the most accurate information.

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