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BIC – Library and Information Center of TU-Sofia

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The Library and Information Center (BIC) of the Technical University of Sofia is located in a dedicated building adjacent to Academic Block 2 on the university campus.

Contact Information:
For specific contact details, it is advisable to visit the official website of the Technical University of Sofia or the library’s web page.

About the Library:
The BIC at TU-Sofia provides a comprehensive and technologically equipped environment for students’ self-study and the faculty’s research activities. The library features:

Facilities: The library boasts 216 workstations, 126 of which are equipped with computers. It also includes specialized rooms such as a digitalization room, a video room, and a copy center. Additionally, there are two reading rooms and a classroom designed for group work.

Collections: The library’s collection exceeds 130,000 volumes, covering scientific and educational literature in engineering and management sciences. This extensive collection supports the diverse academic needs of the university community.

Electronic Resources: BIC offers access to a variety of electronic resources, including databases like ScienceDirect, SpringerLink, Emerald Engineering, EBSCOhost, SCOPUS, and Web of Science. These resources are essential for conducting comprehensive academic research.

Conference Facilities: The library includes a conference hall with 65 seats, equipped with modern multimedia systems for video conferencing and simultaneous translation. The hall can be rented for various events.

Membership and Services: Students and faculty members can use the library services by obtaining a library card. The library also supports services like interlibrary loans, research consultations, and access to various digital and physical academic resources.

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